Dear Reader,

Hello, I’m Adam O’Dell.

And what I’m about to share with you is a little uncomfortable for me. Because frankly, I prefer to stay behind the scenes heading up the research department here at Boom & Bust.  

But in light of what I’ve recently discovered - and at the insistence of Harry and Rodney - I’ve decided to share it with you.

Last year, after years working as a financial consultant to some of the world’s wealthiest people, Harry and Rodney brought me into the Boom & Bust family for one reason.

I’m a trader.

And for the last year, at their request, I’ve been working on a very special project that has a lot of people very excited (I’ll show you why in a minute).

You see, until now, four months seemed to be the shortest time frame Harry or Rodney could isolate to determine future market and economic patterns with a high degree of success.

So they tasked me with the challenge of identifying a way for us to make such predictions for even shorter time frames.

And last July, I did it.

I’ve discovered a new cycle in the market…one that happens far faster than anything most analysts think is possible. My new cycle allows me to predict short term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy…and a 78% win rate so far. 

It’s a scientific and mathematic strategy that has proven the power to book double- and triple-digit gains in less than 90 days, as reflected in our Cycle 9 model portfolio….

Now you won’t hear about this on CNBC or read about it in Forbes… but to date, since November, this new cycle has shown a small group of 54 Boom & Bust test subscribers gains of 51%... 65% ...91% ...140% ...57% ...84% ...and …113% just to name a few…all in a matter of weeks.

In fact, the minute you decide to begin using this technique, you’ll likely never trade the same way ever again.

Hard to believe?...Perhaps.

But I’ll let you see the evidence for yourself.

It will take just a few minutes, yet the impact could be significant…

Just listen to a few of my early testers like Chris Montgomery who writes,

You've been scoring high consistently for weeks on end over the short period you've had this program running. You are doing a lot of homework and the results are clear.”

Susan Silver tells me, “…To date, your results have been the best… Keep up the good work.”

And beta-tester Bill Ponce says, “Fantastic call on the Kroger recommendation! I will hold out for a double.”

I’ll show you full results of our “beta-test” a bit later, first it’s important to keep in mind that Harry and Rodney’s research has proven demographics are destiny. That people do certain things at certain ages.

This inevitability forces our economy to move in very predictable cycles or “seasons.”

Right now, we’re in the “Winter Economic Season”… and with an aging population and an unthinkable amount of government debt we will remain here for at least another 7-10 years.

Because of this, until at least 2020, traditional investment strategies simply won’t work.

Here’s what we recommend…

Of course, we recommend that folks consider keeping out of traditional “buy-and-hold” investment opportunities, like gold and real estate. And with deflation set to hit within the next few years keeping some wealth in cash is a good idea too.

But we also realize some of our subscribers may want to learn how to make money now and can’t afford to wait 7-10 years until the “Winter Season Shakeout” ends.

Well, that’s exactly why Harry and Rodney asked me to join the Boom & Bust team. To show readers why what I like to call “kinetic cycles” are so crucial to their economic future…

Over the next few minutes, I’ll show you how they could help you book double and triple digit gains each month…even when the markets head south as we predict they will.

And considering the impressive gains our model portfolio has already shown to our group of beta-testers and early subscribers…following “kinetic cycles” could be the key to potential profits while traditional routes to building wealth vanish.  

Let me show you a quick example of how “kinetic cycles” work:

Last November, the overall market was suffering and had lost 5% in 15 days.. market followers and investors were scared.

But instead of following the overall market trend my research told me a “kinetic cycle” was building in the grocery store chain Kroger.

I was a bit surprised, because at the time Kroger was sitting on almost $9 billion in debt… its price-to-earnings ratio was relatively-high… and it had razor-thin margins.  

On paper, this company looked very average but that’s the beauty of this system.

When it allows me to identify a “kinetic cycle” developing, long term fundamentals like P/E ratios, debt, and growth become far less important…

The only important part is where a stock is likely to go over the next 90 days.

Take a look at what happened with my Kroger recommendations…

In less than 48 hours Kroger’s stock soared 51%…and when I fully closed out the position in our model portfolio, readers had a shot at  113% gain in 10 weeks!  

In other words, you could have turned a $9,000 investment into $16,380 in just over two months.

By following Kroger’s “kinetic cycle”, I literally saw the ideal entry and exits points in advance and knew precisely when the opportunities would arise to get in and out for maximum gains.

That’s what makes the technical indicators behind this strategy so crucial – and potentially profitable.

To date our readers have seen average gains of 35% on our closed positions...And a 78% win-rate.

And I’m not the only one convinced this type of strategy works… Richard Lewis, PhD, wrote a Journal of Finance article back in December 1967 on a similar type of investing.

 It said, “Superior profits can be achieved.”  

Back then, the article was seen as an attack on the efficient market theory and the author, a prominent PhD was panned in academic circles. That’s likely why his research never really got the credit it deserved.

More recently, Teddy Myer a PhD finance professor at the #2 ranked business school in the country, the University of Chicago, did an 81-year back-study on a similar technique. His conclusion:

A powerful investment style, nearly unmatched in its predictive strength and robustness.”  

Now, it’s true that I'm not the only person in the world who uses this type of trading strategy. But in my case, I've taken what others have done and taken it two steps further.

In fact, I’ve discovered a new cycle in the market and developed a proprietary technique that's entirely my own, which is why I created this short presentation…

Not only will I show you results of our beta-test, including our open positions which are currently up as high as 78%.  

But I’ll also show you how I can identify a stocks “kinetic cycle” with such laser-like precision.   

Let me explain…

A systematic approach

At Dent Research we know people are the driving force of the economy.

We know demographics allow us to predict what will happen in the future and that certain events are virtually preordained.

For example:
  • Every 500 years there’s a “mega innovation” – like the printing press or the computer that forever changes the way we live and leads to decades and centuries of prosperity…
  • That every 250 years or so we see upheavals in nations and institutions – like the American Revolution or what’s happening today in the Middle East and the emerging world that lead to greater freedoms and human rights and will expand our freedoms in the developed world as well…
  • That every generation has a known spending cycle that can impact markets in predictable ways: from the time they’re born… to when they buy everything from music and potato chips to cars and homes… to when they stop spending and start saving for retirement…
  • That our economy has peaked every 40 years on generational cycles,     almost like clockwork…
  • That commodity prices peak every 30 years…
  • That the early parts of most decades start off weak, even in boom times…
  • That every four years, there’s a significant stock market correction; and   every four months it happens on a more minor scale…

Until now, four months seemed to be the furthest we could drill down to determine future market and economic patterns. 

But what I found is, by ignoring traditional metrics like volume and P/E earnings…and measuring an investment’s speed and momentum I am able to identify short-term stock moves before they happen. This helps me identify where the best opportunities lie. 

I do this using a sophisticated computer program I wrote, that I can dissect millions of pieces of market data that have occurred and then analyze them in just minutes.

This mathematical and scientific approach to developing an investment strategy leaves little to chance.

Emotion and human irrationality are completely out of the picture.

Some call this technique “quantitative algorithmic analysis”… but in simple terms what I’m trying to determine is: If X and Y occur, then Z is the likely result.

It’s a technique that employs the same logic airplane pilots use to predict the optimal speed for take-off. They take data like air density, aircraft weight, altitude, temperature, wind speed and other variables, then they feed it into a computer program that runs an algorithm…

Seconds later, the software tells the pilot the optimal speed the plane must reach to successfully take-off. That’s how pilots know the precise speed for the plane to safely get in the air.

But in the stock market, this analysis isn’t used to propel a plane…

It’s used to identify the ideal time to get in and out of an investment.

And this is essentially how I identify and track “kinetic cycles.”

You see, I call them “kinetic cycles” because as my research has shown… once a stock’s momentum has reached a certain level or its “take off speed,” a “kinetic cycle” is often triggered and the price of its shares will likely rise for the next 90 days…

And this rise in price can happen regardless of what the broad markets or underlying fundamentals look like.

With a “kinetic cycle” strategy, obvious data like volume, earnings, and PE ratios are essentially meaningless.

What matters is the stocks speed and how fast it is rising.

Because like an airplane, before a stock can take-off… it MUST first reach an optimal speed… before it can zoom higher.

In other words, when you can detect even a slight change in momentum… it’s possible to predict which way a stock will move, with a high degree of confidence.

In fact, in ten years of back-tested data this strategy showed the power to smash the average market returns by over 200%!  

To be clear…

I don’t recommend buying at the bottom and selling at the top. That’s impossible.

And I certainly can’t predict the future.

In fact, implementing this technique often involves buying high, and selling higher.

Richard Driehaus, one of Barron’s “Top 25 All-Century” mutual fund industry influencers” used a similar strategy to lead his investment firm to average compound annual returns of 30% from 1980 to 1992.

And he says, “I would much rather invest in a stock that’s increasing in price…than invest in a stock that’s already in a decline.”  

But as you may have guessed, there’s a lot more to it than that.

This strategy does far more than just identify “kinetic cycles."

Because as a veteran of the markets, I fully realize that no serious investing strategy relies on one indicator alone—even one as powerful as “kinetic cycles”.

And in the name of safety Harry, Rodney, and I agreed it was important to have a multi-level “layer of security” in place. Because relying on one lone indicator is a risk we’re not willing to take.

Introducing: CYCLE 9 Alert

That’s why I’ve created a trading research service that works in three tiers which I’m calling CYCLE 9 Alert.

Here’s how it works:

First, I break the market down by individual sector, analyzing and ranking all nine sectors according to their speed.

Here’s a look at the April 23, 2013, Leaders & Laggards rankings:

Each week my research scores these sectors and the system ranks them on a scale from -3.0 to 3.0.

If a number is positive it means a sector is outperforming the market, gaining speed and it may be time to buy.

Conversely, if the number is negative the investment opportunity is underperforming the market and it tells me to stay away.

The magic number I look for is +1.5.

 It looks like this:

When a sector’s score reaches +1.5 or more… it tells me there’s a “kinetic cycle” developing and a 90 day window of opportunity. 

There is no guess work or emotion involved…It is completely formulaic.

In fact, research group CDA Weisenberger back-tested an investment’s hypothetical performance and proved that over a 15 year period following this type of strategy perfectly you could have outperformed the market by over 10 FOLD…enough to have turned $1,000 into $115,006.  

But as effective as this type of strategy is, it’s only the first step in the three tiered system…

Remember, we’re not in “normal economic conditions” and we can’t afford to rely on just one level of protection during the winter season.

I’m looking for the absolute best of the best…

So my second step, once I find the sector gaining the most speed, is to find stocks or ETF’s in that sector following the same trend.

I then run any potential investment opportunities through the same speed-tracking software to make sure I’ve found the fastest moving investment choices in the fastest moving sectors.

This multistep system allows me to maximize the likelihood of identifying a winning trade recommendation, while minimizing risk to the bone.

Simply put, rather than second guess forecasts rumors and earnings reports…I’m able to offer trade ideas on indisputable facts.

These two steps combined form a lethal combination for investors to potentially rake in impressive profits while minimizing risk.

And as, a spokeswoman for research firm CDA/Wiesenberger put it, this type of approach, when executed perfectly represents “…far and away the best strategy.”

But I don’t stop there…we’ve still got one more step to go.

Finally, my third step is where I roll up my sleeves and get down to brass tacks.

You see, after the math and statistics have shown me exactly where the most valuable investment opportunities are…

I run each potential investment through a final series of technical analysis to validate a “kinetic cycle” is actually building…

That’s because one of the biggest mistakes you can make is being too aggressive- chasing opportunities that aren’t really there.

To avoid any “false positives”--where after an initial move up, a stock peters out--I use a multistep quantitative system.

In todays “Winter Season” you can’t depend on emotion or a “gut feel” to figure out if a stock is a buy or not.

You’ve got to have concrete numbers, analysis and a system to rely on.

This is what my final step is all about…

Let me show you how this third step or “level of protection” could have worked in a back test I ran:

This chart shows the Utility Sector ETF (XLU) last May. If you look at the first circle - this is where I began to take notice.

This investment had passed the first two levels of screening and my research identified this as a trending investment opportunity. 

At this point is when most trade researchers jump the gun and recommend hopping in with both feet.

But that’s a mistake…if you get greedy and try to catch the entire move you’re putting your money in jeopardy. 

That’s too risky.

Instead…I waited patiently and ran this investment opportunity through my proprietary research to make certain this was indeed a “kinetic cycle” and not a “false positive”.

Sure enough by May 2, XLU reached 1.5 and my research told me a “kinetic cycle” was developing.

From there, it broke into a strong uptrend trading as high $38.54 which, had I recommended it, could have given my readers a huge profit potential.

But notice what happened, by August 6th this investment began to lose steam, and its momentum slipped and fell all the way to -0.8

Instead of trying to milk every last dollar out of this back-tested trade I simply got out.

That’s the power of tracking “kinetic cycles”; they give me very clear signals when the ideal time arises to get in to a trade and when to get out.

This three tiered system combined with my analysis assures you the very best investment opportunities in the very best sectors.

Just ask one of my beta-testers, Dr. Patty Singer a physician based in Southern California who writes…

“In my first trade, I made $1,331 profit and an easy 100.31% gain in a matter of weeks… Keep them coming!”  

Let’s look at another example…

Take a recent play on the Consumer Select Sector [NYSE: XLY]…

This sector is driven by growth and with Europe on life support and China slowing down…to most analysts this sector was out of favor.  

And although throughout the beginning of November the S&P 500 continued to tank… my research showed a “kinetic cycle” was developing and XLY was about to explode in price.  

By November 7, XLY’s score had risen to 1.5 and my analysis confirmed a “kinetic cycle” was about to begin so I issued a “BUY” alert.
And just like clockwork in a little over 2 months, when I recommended closing out the position, XLY delivered gains of over 91%.

The steady, speedy gains keep coming

Since November, when I began sharing recommendations with the beta-testers and early subscribers, my strategy has racked-up very solid gains, as reflected in the track record.

Here they are:
...with a 78% win rate.

And let me make something perfectly clear about how this strategy works.

This methodology allows me to see precisely when the ideal opportunities to buy and sell arise.

And I use these signals to determine the buy and sell recommendations I issue to my readers.

Now of course, everyone has different personal financial goals, so only you know when the time is “right” for you to get in or get out of a play. But, considering my recommendations it can help make it far easier…

There is no guesswork… tracking “kinetic cycles” reveals a crystal clear optimal entry and exit points so I know when to buy and sell for maximum gains.

This is possible because the instant an equity begins trading; a historical trading pattern begins developing. Whether you want to look by the minute, hour, day or week, there are millions of pieces of data…

Simply run this data through an algorithm looking at “when this happens, this happens next” scenarios… and in real-time, I know what a stock is likely to do next. Just look at my win rate of 78%, on my 18 closed recommendations

That’s how my CYCLE 9 can pinpoint stock opportunities with such amazing accuracy.

In short, CYCLE 9 looks at a stock recent price history to determine where it’s likely to go in the immediate future.

It’s based on the same premise many of the economic predictions the Dent Research team has made over the last 25 years. 

Here’s another example…

 65% and 140% Gains in 2 Months

In early December, just days after the Kroger recommendation, a company called Titan Machinery hit my radar. Contrary to what many thought, this little-known American tractor company was poised to make a big run.

And while most analysts were scared off by the big picture stuff like the long-term impact of last summer’s drought and the uncertainty this company’s negative operating cash flow might have... 

My research told me none of that mattered and a “kinetic cycle” was developing. 

Like I mentioned, this strategy is only concerned with one thing: What is a stock going to do over the next 90 days.

Following my 3 step system, I watched this little-known tractor company’s price speed pick up steam until it reached +1.5.

On December 11th my analysis confirmed a “kinetic cycle” was building and I issued a “BUY NOW” recommendation alert.

And right on cue…
Titan took off and our model portfolio showed  my readers the potential for an easy 65% gain in 30 days and then weeks later, upon closing out the position entirely, showed them another 140% potential gain…enough to turn a $9,400 initial investment into roughly $19,035 in just a few months.

Ultimately, that’s what makes this strategy so appealing for my readers. When you can calculate when a “kinetic cycle” is developing you can likely predict an investment’s next move with uncanny accuracy.

Of course no strategy, technique or formula is 100% infallible. And past performance doesn’t equal future gains…

But as I’ve shown you, in the real world – as of today – my win-rate is 78%.

Now before I go any further I want to make something clear…

Safety is my top priority

This strategy is NOT day-trading…

This isn’t about taking unnecessary risks.

And it’s certainly not about speculating or buy-and-hold investing either. 

While most folks believe forecasting stocks with this degree of precision is impossible.

The reality is, I’ve seen the evidence and nothing could be further from the truth.

Accurately predicting the short-term moves is simply a matter of correctly applying strategic mathematics and statistics. 

That’s why my proprietary strategy is likely very different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

How CYCLE 9 Alert Could Save You
from the Next Crash

Harry and Rodney have shown the market is living on borrowed time and set to crash by the end of 2014. Not to worry…that’s why they brought me here and why we created CYCLE 9 Alert

In order to create a more defensive investing strategy for the “Winter Season Shakeout", I take a special approach to options.

One that allows me to capitalize on all the upside potential of “kinetic cycles” yet strictly limits my exposure to any fall-out from today’s volatile economy.

Now, I realize you may have heard that options-trading is “risky” or hard to do, but that's a huge misconception.

When used correctly – the way I recommend trading them – options can actually be safer than stocks, since they allow you to leverage a controlled amount of risk.

In fact, that's the reason options were first invented, as a way for traders to hedge their bets and protect themselves from stock market volatility.

In short, options can help folks potentially get more “bang for their buck”. And allows them to control more stock for less money and lets them

Risk as little as they want…and have the chance to make unlimited profits.

Consider the Kroger play I talked about earlier…

Back in November all my research showed this company was set to explode in price. Now, if you wanted to get in on the action, you could have played this opportunity two ways…

First, if you’d followed the traditional route and bought the shares outright you’d be up 11%.

Not bad.

But by following my strategy, you could have had a shot at 51% gains in 48 hours and then another 113% just 10 weeks later.

In other words, you could have had the opportunity to make 7.5 times more gains than traditional stocks while at the same time limiting your downside risk to the bone.

So even though the stock technically only rose 11%...  my recommended options plays could have turned a $4,500 initial investment into $8,190 in just 10 weeks.

But what if the play goes against us?

Let’s say all hell was to break loose, Kroger goes bust and the stock goes all the way to zero.

This is where my options strategy can potentially save an investor…

You see…for the traditional investor to gain like we did off Kroger they would have to invest $6,708.

But with my strategy, the plays in our model portfolio showed…we are able to leverage risk and produced big gain potential, with a minimal hypothetical investment.

In other words…absolute worst case scenario…the most you could have lost had you taken advantage of this trade recommendation was $900.

But it gets better… because with traditional stock investing strategies you only make money if the stock goes up.

But with my options approach you have the ability to make money regardless of what the stock market does…

So when you combine nearly unlimited gain potential with strictly limited risk…and my track record, which shows a 78% win-rate.

You have the ultimate recipe for learning how to profit during the “Winter Season”…one that allows you to potentially make big gains on small rises in the stock market all the while knowing with absolute certainty what your downside is.

So, perhaps the bulk of your wealth is sitting in cash and income investments …if you decided to take advantage of my recommendations, and just a small amount of cash and follow my strategy—the potential for returns could be significant. 

Needless to say, when you have a strategy that can allow you to predict with a high degree of accuracy where a stock’s likely to go next, it’s an opportunity to make a lot of money.

But really, the proof is in the results…

How you could make a small fortune

If you had invested $10,000 into each of the first four consecutive recommended trades that I sent beta-testers starting on November 7, 2012… you‘d be sitting on $27,600… in profits alone in just under 4 months!

It started with a play on Consumer Discretionary Select XLY that shot up 91% in 83 days…

Then came 57% gains on a PAREXEL Int’l Corp. recommendation in just under 4 months…

Then 51% gains on Kroger in just 2 days…

Followed by 65% gains on a Titan Machinery play in 30 days…

And another 140% gains on the second half of the Titan trade in 64 days.

That's how fast the winners can come...

But here’s the thing.

It’s not just closed positions in our model portfolio that have performed well.

Our open positions are up too with gains as high as…51% on Rockwell Automation (ROK). 

As I’ve shown you, the beta-testers and early subscribers who have gotten to test-drive CYCLE 9 Alert have seen opportunity after opportunity to make money with my strategy and recommendations.

And if you decide to join them, each time a play recommendation comes along I’ll send you an easy to read alert… setting you up to lock-in winner after winner too.

I realize at this point, you’re probably ready to get started, and here’s how you can do that…

Getting started is easy

I’ve just prepared a detailed report with everything you need to know before getting started using the CYCLE 9 strategy.

Keep in mind, since we first went live on November 7, 2012, we’ve shown Cycle 9 readers the opportunity to more than double their money. 

If you’d like to start receiving these recommendations, just let me know and I’ll send you a copy of The Secrets to 90 Day Profits with CYCLE 9 right away.

It’s a quick read that will give you all the details on my CYCLE 9 strategy. It also reveals exactly how the strategy behind “The CYCLE 9 System” is so accurately able to identify investment trends before they occur… and why this technique is perfect for the high level of volatility in the markets we’ve been seeing.

Harry and Rodney have shown that the market volatility is going to continue for at least another 7 to 10 years and CYCLE 9 is the perfect way to capitalize off this.

As you’ll see, what’s great about this strategy is:
  • You don’t need years of investing experience. (In fact, it may be that the less you know the better, it’s less you have to unlearn).
  • You don’t need hours of free time… CYCLE 9 Alert is incredibly efficient and can require as little as 5-10 minutes a week to maximize potential results.
  • You don’t need a large bank roll… you can learn the strategy, and then If you choose to get in on the action, you can get started following my recommendations with as little as $615.

All you have to do is wait for a recommendation to trigger (on average 1-3 times a month)… and choose which ones, if not all to hop into as they come along.

So how much does this research cost?

I’d like to make you a special offer…

Before I tell you the special price my publisher has agreed to give members. 

I need you to carefully consider whether this service is right for you.

To be clear, this is not a 'buy-and-hold' strategy.

You’ll regularly receive market and position updates from me, but opportunities can arise at any time. You may go a week without one, and the next week there could be three.

And because there's no timetable to the recommendations this service uncovers, you really need to have the ability to check your email regularly to keep on top of all of them.

Although the “kinetic cycle” strategy usually delivers potential profits over 90 days, at times the gains can come much faster. There have been many situations where profit targets are reached in a matter of days – sometimes even hours, though not often.

The Kroger play I showed you earlier is a prime example. That’s the one where we locked-in 51% gains in just 48 hours.

So if you’re looking for an investment you can buy once and forget about for years this might not be right for you.

While not time intensive, CYCLE 9 Alert does require at a minimum, about 10 minutes or so week.

This brings me to the price it costs to join CYCLE 9 Alert.

Understand this trading research service is based on a complex strategy. It uses serious, professional technology, which I’ve spent years perfecting.

And the price reflects that.  

As such CYCLE 9 is NOT meant for folks with 3 or 4 decades to go before retirement who may be content to watch their portfolios grow by 4-5% a year.

If that’s what you are after, there’s dozens of services you can choose from that are far cheaper and would be a better fit for you.

CYCLE 9 Alert is cutting edge research designed for serious market followers and investors who’d like to learn my strategy and potentially even start collecting double or triple digit gains each month. 

In an economy like this, talk is cheap and I want as many Dent Research readers as possible to give CYCLE 9 Alert a try.

Special offer for Dent Research readers

Cycle 9 Alert has been introduced at a retail price of $2295.

I think you’ll agree this is a fair offer.

I’m confident CYCLE 9 Alert will continue to generate fast, substantial opportunities for gains like the more than 35% average gains early followers have seen on closed positions in our model portfolio.

And I’m confident the caliber of these recommendations will more than cover the cost.

Remember, Dr. Singer, one of the beta-testers, wrote me to say she, “made $1,331 profit in a matter of weeks.”

If you join today, you’ll pay just $2295 for one full year of membership for CYCLE 9 Alert.

I doubt we’ll ever offer my research at this low price ever again.

And of course, it comes with our Dent Research satisfaction guarantee. If you become a member today, you’ll have 90-days to try CYCLE 9 Alert to decide if it’s right for you.

You’ll likely get 4 to 6 recommendations over this time, so you’ll have plenty of time to possibly earn all your money back.

Plus, any time after that, if you aren’t 100% convinced this research service isn’t capable of handing you the type of potential gains I’ve shown you in this letter, no problem.

Just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund anytime during the first 90 days of your membership for any reason, minus a 10% handling fee. After 90 days you can recieve a prorated refund.

But I don’t think it will come to that.

Personally, I think you’ll be thrilled with the weekly updates and all the recommendations you receive.

As beta-tester Jessie Harris tells me, I bought 3 calls at your recommendation. I sold out at just under a double. This was a great call.”

And beta-tester Tony Reagan says, “Adam, I enjoy reading your trades and the sector stack rankings. Your recommendations have been great!! Keep up the good work!!”

I seriously hope to receive a testimonial from you next.

But there’s one last thing...

Since we offer phone and internet support Monday through Friday, we are limiting membership through this offer to the first 950 Dent Research readers.

(Note: We cannot, and do not under any circumstances offer personalized advice or place trades for our subscribers.)

That works out to just 19 people per U.S. state.

I know that sounds strict, but there’s a good reason for that:

The last thing we want to do is overwhelm our support team or prevent them from offering first-class service to our CYCLE 9 members.

For that reason, if you’re interested, we need to hear from you today.

Before you do, let me sum up everything for you…

Here’s everything you get…

Here’s what your membership to CYCLE 9 Alert includes:
  • TheStrategy Report: The Secrets to 90 Day Profits with CYCLE 9 – This special briefing details how my system identifies opportunities that arise, and has allowed me to make recommendation that have shown my readers 35% average gains. In addition, you’ll discover why this style of trading can work so well in volatile markets like we’ve been experiencing.
  • CYCLE 9 Trade Alerts – You will receive an average of 2-3 recommendations each month. With each buy alert you’ll get specific ideal entry points and simple steps you can use if you decide to execute the trade.
  • CYCLE 9 Sell Alerts – The minute my system ‘tells’ me it’s time to take gains, I’ll rush you an instant Sell Alert with precise details on when it’s an ideal time to exit the play.
  • The CYCLE 9 Alert Weekly Update – Each week I review open positions in the CYCLE -9 model portfolio. And I’ll update you on financial events and trends so you can be ready to lock-in gains.
  • The CYCLE 9 Alert Customer Service Team – Membership includes unlimited use of our representatives where you can call or email the CYCLE -9 Alert member support team directly.
  • 24/7 Access to the CYCLE 9 Alert Members-Only Website Any time, day or night you can access the password-protected website where you’ll find every investment recommendation, weekly update and all the alerts I release.

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